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March 31, 2022 – Phoenix Pride statement on Arizona Senate Bills

Dear Phoenix Pride Community,

Yesterday, our community in Arizona once again found itself under vicious attack, by the very elected leaders who are sworn to protect us.

In signing into law Arizona Senate Bills 1138 and 1165, our state government has embraced and codified the latest ignorant and hateful attacks on transgender Arizonans, and especially our transgender youth.

To our transgender community, we want you to know that we support you, we stand with you, and we will continue to provide whatever resources we can to see to it that you can live with the same rights, freedoms and protections afforded to everyone in our state.

These bills have become law, but are bound to face legal and other challenges, and Phoenix Pride will continue to support those challenges in any way we can.

But before that process even begins, we want you to know that we are here for you, and for our community, as a whole. PLEASE reach out to our office, our staff, members of our board or any of our volunteers if you have concerns or questions, need access or a referral to resources (including physical and mental health and wellness resources), or simply need to hear a reassuring voice and know that you are not in this struggle alone.

Our community has made fervent strides toward reaching a true state of equality and equity in recent years – some of the most substantial progress we’ve seen in decades. We will not be discouraged or deterred, and certainly not defeated, by the ill-conceived actions of some who are acting out of sheer ignorance, fear, bigotry or hatred. We are above that. And we will continue to demonstrate so by continuing to fight for the dignity and humanity of everyone in our community, and beyond.

Phoenix Pride has always been about creating safe spaces, and we will not rest until the entirety of Arizona is a safe space for our community and everyone in it, including the transgender individuals – especially young people – who are impacted by today’s actions. We stand up and raise our voice with pride, and we will not be shouted down, now or ever.

With sincere appreciation for your continued support in these efforts,

The Board, Staff and Volunteer Leadership of Phoenix Pride

February 9, 2020 – City of Phoenix Visibility Day

During her remarks at the 11th Annual Fresh Brunch event, Mayor Kate Gallego proclaimed February 9 as the City of Phoenix LGBTQ Visibility Day. This truly is a proud day for our community. Thank you Mayor Gallego!

Proclamation that February 9 is City of Phoenix LGBTQ Visibility Day

11th Annual Fresh Brunch

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